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Engaging in "research = pursuit" to search for new areas through discoveries in coal chemistry.

We at C-Chem select the carbon and carbon compounds contained in coal, investigate them carefully, and then apply advanced processing technology to them to supply them as products.
C-Chem is a unique company that provides a broad range of materials that are indispensable for living by using coal as the raw material.
In view of the danger of dwindling petroleum resources, the important mission we have undertaken is to open a way to a bright future through the production of coal chemical products utilizing the earth’s abundant coal resources.
To make society abundant and the earth an easy place to live, we aim to be a company that constantly maintains a frontier spirit and engages in its work with the spirit of challenge.


Takeshi Hayashi



Pioneering the future by
advancing coal chemistry

Coal is indispensable to the steel industry.
C-Chem develops and produces a variety of carbon-based products and fundamental chemicals from coal tar — a raw material obtained from coal.
Our policy is to study the properties of this raw material, advance related processing technologies,
and make a contribution to society by turning this raw material into high-quality products.
Among other applications, pitch coke is in the synthetic graphite electrodes required for iron reproduction and in leading edge semiconductors and solar cells.
C-Chem supplies materials that are indispensable to key industries, such as phthalic anhydride used as a plasticizer for general-purpose resins.
A manufacturer that pursues the potential of coal chemistry to develop value-added materials — that is C-Chem.


Company Profile

Company NameC-Chem Co.,Ltd.
HeadquartersAkihabara UDX 13F, 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan [ MAP
Capitalization\300 million
OfficersPresident   Takeshi Hayashi
Managing Director   Isao Miyaki
Director   Yoshiji Doko
Sales\40 billion
EstablishedOctober 1, 2004

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