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Carbon Products

First in world to develop production technology for coal-based needle coke.
Leveraging high value-added products to become the No.1 company in the world.

Carbon products are manufactured of heavy oils (soft pitch) raw materials that compose 70% of coal tar.
These products have a wide range of applications including synthetic graphite electrodes, automobile tires, semiconductors, lithium batteries, and nuclear furnaces.
One of C-Chem’s flagship products is high-grade pitch coke, which is specialized for various applications and supplied to synthetic graphite electrode manufacturers and specialty carbon materials manufacturers.
C-Chem inherited and improved the coal-based needle coke production technology developed by NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN CHEMICAL, the forerunner of the Company, in 1979, and in 2003 developed a new product called LPC-US that is superior to the petroleum-based product.
In addition to this technological capability, the company possesses abundant raw materials, so the carbon material products of C-Chem, which can provide a stable supply, have been well accepted in the international market.

Carbon Products

Pitch Cokes

Lineup of high-grade pitch cokes

Based on difference in crystallinity, pitch coke can be classified into needle coke and amorphous coke. Needle coke is used as the raw material for electric steelmaking furnace synthetic graphite electrodes. Graphite electrodes must be able to withstand an extreme operation environment where temperatures far exceed 3,000°C so elongation in the vertical direction and expansion during the electrode manufacturing process must be minimized. C-Chem needle coke has achieved a high grade in this respect for both coal-based and petroleum-based products and boasts world-class quality. In addition to this, C-Chem utilizes its high-purification technology to develop valuable products for society including amorphous coke for specialty carbon products that is in high demand in such advanced fields as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, solar power generation, and nuclear power.


Carbon Black Feedstock Oil

Contributing to improve quality and safety of the automobile industry through tire rubber reinforcing materials.

Carbon black feedstock oil (black oil) is supplied to NSCC Carbon, a Group company, and is used by the automobile and other industries to add value. C-Chem supports the carbon world through the stable supply of black oil.



A broad lineup of products of various grades and active development of the international market

Binder pitch, which acts as a filler coke binder and gives an appropriate degree of formability, and impregnation pitch, which improves the quality and strength of electrodes by impregnating the fine pores after firing, are common products used in the manufacture of synthetic graphite electrodes. Further, the applications for specialty carbon products, activated carbon, foundry coke, and other products are expanding to a wide range of fields, so C-Chem provides a wide range of products to flexibly meet customer needs. The Company’s binder pitch for aluminium smelting electrode manufacturing has also been well received in the international market in Southeast Asia, North America, and elsewhere.


Product Categories

Pitch coke
LPC-U Series needle coke for graphite electrodes, LPC-S Series amorphous coke for specialty carbon products
Carbon black feedstock oil
Creosote oil
Cokes for use in synthetic graphite electrodes, aluminium refining, and foundries

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